Pioneer Car Stereo

Pioneer Car Stereo carrozzeria DEH-P710 1DIN CD Used Audio

Pioneer Car Stereo carrozzeria DEH-P710 1DIN CD Used Audio
Pioneer Car Stereo carrozzeria DEH-P710 1DIN CD Used Audio
Pioneer Car Stereo carrozzeria DEH-P710 1DIN CD Used Audio
Pioneer Car Stereo carrozzeria DEH-P710 1DIN CD Used Audio

Pioneer Car Stereo carrozzeria DEH-P710 1DIN CD Used Audio   Pioneer Car Stereo carrozzeria DEH-P710 1DIN CD Used Audio
Pioneer Car Stereo carrozzeria DEH-P710 1DIN CD. Pioneer carrozzeria 1DIN CD Car Stereo DEH-P710. Textured and innovative design that gives a presence on the console Asymmetric form symbolically arranged "rotary volume" A large acrylic panel with flush surface mounted on the body and two large keys arranged at the left end. The sophisticated design process creates a high-quality image, and the combination of black and silver contrast creates a high-sense image. In addition, the asymmetrical design created by the symbolic placement of "Rotary Volume" and the blue light of the operation keys and display bring the console to a brilliant and cool look. By correspondence with various formats and connection with external audio equipment, Audio life spreads more. We can play various formats by WMA / MP3 / AAC / WAV file correspondence We easily reproduce favorite compression format in the car interior Supports WMA, MP3, AAC and uncompressed WAV playback in compressed format.

WMA, MP3 and AAC tags can be displayed (English only), which allows you to check information on songs. It supports a compression format that can store a large amount of music on a single disc, so you can easily enjoy the music you are always listening in the car. In addition, it is equipped with "rough search function" which is convenient for music search to search ten tracks before and after the music currently listening. We cope with CD-R / RW reproduction and skip function The CD-R / RW can be played, so you can enjoy your own original disc with a car. It also supports skip function Rooted in Carrozzeria's own advanced technology, Audio ability to bring the car into the optimal sound space.

Automatically adjusted to the car and system "Auto time alignment & auto equalizer (2 ch)" f Special correction type real time ASL Advanced technology to make dedicated tuning for each car Inside the car, the acoustic characteristics deteriorate significantly due to the interior material and the shape of the cabin. In addition, restrictions on the mounting position of the speakers and the fact that the listening position (seat) is not at the center make it difficult to reproduce stereo images. Moreover, their limitations are completely different depending on the vehicle type and sound system. Measure the situation and system of such individual car in detail, measure the difference of the arrival time of each sound of the speaker and the difference of the sound pressure, the disorder of the acoustic characteristic in the car interior and automatically correct it Auto time alignment & Auto Equalizer (2ch) creates an ideal music space in the car. We perform measurement with attached special microphone installed in listening position Perform measurement with the supplied acoustic characteristic measurement microphone installed at the listening position Measurement and adjustment process of "Auto Time Alignment & Auto Equalizer (2ch)" "Burbrown high-performance 24bit D D / A converter" which reproduces even faint sounds It uses a high performance 24 bit D / A converter that is highly regarded for its outstanding performance.

In principle, it eliminates glitch noise and zero cross distortion, and achieves excellent signal-to-noise ratio and wide dynamic range. Clear and delicate, reproduces a relaxed sound. Burr Brown High Performance 24bit D / A Converter "Power MOS FET 50W x 4ch amplifier" which balances low distortion and high power Power MOS FET 50W x 4ch amplifier The amplifier section uses a high performance semiconductor element MOS FET that boasts low distortion as the component amplifier and excellent linearity. Unleash digital sources that require a large dynamic range as transparent sound. Play compressed music data with high quality Bitmetrics BBE Digital "Bit Metrics" to reproduce lost sense and spread feeling Control of frequency characteristics and dynamic range to reproduce the subtle afterglow and the sense of spread that were lost when recorded on a CD.

It is especially effective when playing back compressed audio such as WMA, MP3 and AAC, and even sounds that tend to be lost can be heard, achieving a sound quality approaching that of a CD. Combination with digital compression is impossible. Valid only for internal CDs. Bit metrics setting screen "BBE Digital" to repair the disturbance of the music signal and bring it closer to the original sound waveform The distortion of the time delay and amplitude of the harmonic component that occurs when the music signal passes through the circuit is repaired by the combination of the phase correction and the high-pass boost.

Gives an acoustic output waveform very close to the original sound waveform. "F special correction type real time ASL" which keeps constant listening comfort while traveling f special correction type real time ASL Analyze noise such as road noise while driving in real time, automatically correct volume and sound quality. You can enjoy comfortable listening on the highway or in the tunnel. ASL microphone "SFC (Sound Field Control)" where you can enjoy a rich sense of reality Advanced digital processing based on actual measurement data allows you to enjoy music with a rich sense of presence. There are 3 types of STUDIO / JAZZ CLUB / CLUB.

STUDIO The image of a relatively narrow studio. Only the initial reflection sound from the wall is added, and you can experience the spread of the sound field. JAZZ CLUB Image of a jazz club of about 50 to 100 people. It creates reflections and reverberations from the walls and reproduces a rich sense of presence.

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  • Model: carrozzeria
  • Type: CD Player
  • Features: Auxiliary Input
  • MPN: DEH-P710
  • Brand: Pioneer

Pioneer Car Stereo carrozzeria DEH-P710 1DIN CD Used Audio   Pioneer Car Stereo carrozzeria DEH-P710 1DIN CD Used Audio